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Embrace the speed and simplicity of accepting payments securely and effortlessly with our cutting-edge solutions. As an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), licensed by both the National Bank of Belgium and an FCA license (AEMI), we offer you a trusted and regulated platform to experience the transformative power of our payment solutions.

Anticipate the future of your business

A single platform to process all your payments in the best possible way through greater transparency, compliance and enhanced security.

A single platform, a single point of contact for all your payment solutions


A unique system to facilitate all your money transfers. No more procedures for each payment method. Now, everything is centralized through a single API. Manage and monitor your funds easily with accuracy and transparency.


Licensed by the National Bank of Belgium and FCA (AEMI),Paynovate invests heavily to manage fraud prevention to make sure that all your transactions are safe and secure.


With over a decade of experience in the issuing, acquiring, and payments technology sector, we are best positioned to ensure the best payment services for all your needs. With the Paynovate Portal, you take control of all your payment data. Have full access and visibility to all your payment transaction through a single dashboard and you can easily manage your finances.

Supported Card Schemes

All schemes available by default; schemes may be removed using opt-out function.
Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Meet the Loyaltek Group

The Loyaltek Group is dedicated to helping people benefit from a better financial system. Whether you work with us here at Paynovate, use Loyalpay as your payment terminal partner, run gift card campaigns with Giftify, or choose Fintronik for corporate cards and payment processing, the Loyaltek Group is here to process funds the best way possible: easily, efficiently, securely.