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Global Acceptance

We offer acceptance for schemes across the Globe - both in-store and online.

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With Paynovate acquiring, your customers’ card purchases will be accepted, processed, and the funds will appear in your account without any further action from you or your staff.

We can also help you with cash acquiring, for one single seamless process.

E-Comm and
Open Banking

Card Payment

Instant card acquiring for your e-shop online, whether via desktop, mobile or app, in over 150 currencies and from every major card scheme.

Account-to-Account Payment

No cards, no problem - we can also offer you and your customers direct payments from their bank accounts to your shop.

Fraud Monitoring and Prevention

Your funds’ safety is at the top of our mind. You can be assured that we run frequent email checks to improve security, alongside regular audits for AML and KYC assurance.

We use transaction restrictions and velocity limits to put a stop to fraud fast, thanks to advanced AI-powered fraud monitoring.

More About AML


Our online management system - MyPaynovate - allows you at-a-glance management of your acquiring as well as full transaction histories and a direct link to support.


Paynovate Acquiring

Accept Nearly Every Card Scheme

Whether in-store or online, we can process funds from nearly every major card network

Total Acquiring Volume

We securely acquire over €200 Million every month

Acquiring in over 150 currencies worldwide

Whatever currency you run your business in, we have you covered

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring Solutions

With our MyPaynovate management and reporting portal, you are in full control of your funds

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