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Bank Accounts

Send and Receive Funds in 25 Currencies

When you open a bank account with Paynovate, you’ll receive a Belgian IBAN primed for transfers.

Ready to start with Paynovate IBAN Accounts?

Receive or send money in any of our supported currencies via SWIFT, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) SDD, SEPA SCT, and Instant SCT.

Your Paynovate Belgian IBAN account means that any incoming funds arrive as Euros.

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Our Special Features

Transfer in 25 Currencies

Whether SWIFT, SEPA SCT, or Instant SCT we’ll ensure your funds arrive quickly and efficiently.

Direct Debit for All SEPA Countries

Send and receive direct debits from all EU Member States plus Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, and Britain


AML and KYC compliance, among other key fraud and security measures are always top of mind.

Digital First

With Paynovate’s Web and Mobile App, you can keep your Banking Digital-First