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Your Visa Payment Card

We are a Visa Principal Member, providing Paynovate customers with the payment cards they need: physical, virtual, and tokenized.

Ready to start with Paynovate Issuing?

Paynovate customers can benefit from Visa Prepaid, Debit, and Credit cards. Our customers can use their cards to: pay in-store, make online purchases, and anything else you could do with your bank card.

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Our Card Issuing Capabilities

Managing 1 Million+ Cards

Debit, Prepaid, Credit, Gift: we can issue and help you manage them all.   

€250.000.000 volume processed on our cards per year

You can trust that we’re watching your money while its on the move

Cards used in over 150 countries

Your account is Belgian, your possibilities are endless

Physical, Virtual, and Tokenized Cards

We understand that life happens online: we offer cards that match your needs.